Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2024

Everyone has a budget to buy a brand new mobile for himself. Definitely you will find the best mobile phone as per your requirements. is one of the best platform to choose the most suitable handset for you. Let’s find all official and unofficial mobile phone price in Bangladesh 2024 including full specification, comparison, expert rating and a lot of user reviews from real customers.

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Disclaimer: In some cases, the latest price update may delayed.

Official Vs Unofficial Phone

As you know almost all the leading mobile phone brands are officially available in Bangladesh. Most of them are assembling or manufacturing locally. Though the market volume and yearly consumption is too high but still few giant brands like Apple, Google, HTC etc are not focusing in Bangladesh because of lower consumption for high budget smartphones. But still you will find every global brand in Bangladesh.

As a consumer, you must have to know the benefits of an official and unofficial product.

What is an official phone?

The brand who has authorized distributor in Bangladesh and strictly follow all the rules of the mother company that you can call an official phone. They follow all the import guideline  and provide government duties as per rule.

Pros and cons of an official phone:

  • Better sales after service.
  • No servicing charge in warranty period.
  • Short time replacement guarantee.
  • Officially registered IMEI number.
  • Large number of retail shops and customer care.
  • Same price in every showroom.
  • Price is high.

What is an unofficial phone?

When an importer or person brings the mobile phone from any other country and sells it in the market that is basically an unofficial phone. In this case, the importer may follow the government rules or not.

Pros and cons of an unofficial mobile:

  • Price is low.
  • Negotiable price.
  • Shop available in large cities.
  • No replacement guarantee.
  • Limited warranty period.
  • Doubts remain about the after sales service.

Actually both official and unofficial mobile phone are the same, if you can properly buy the unofficial device from a reliable shop.

Should you buy an unofficial phone in Bangladesh?

Often we hear a rumor that all unofficial mobile phone will be banned by the government. But the ministry of post and telecommunication has already declared the opinion, “No valid or illegal mobile phones will be blocked”. Actually there are a lot of issues behind stopping unauthorized phone.

On the other hand, If the product you are looking for is not officially available, an unofficial phone become the only option. There have some doubts remaining but the price difference strongly manipulate the customer’s mind.

  • Do you believe in no risk, no gain? 🙂 By the way, choice is yours.

What is the most important thing to consider before buying a mobile phone?

Definitely you have a budget or price range to buy a new device. Depending on brand choice, list down the possible model in your range. Top brands get the first priority. On the other hand, other brands may offer better features. This is basically the most crucial moment for a buyer to make the right decision. In this case, you can follow online reviews and user opinions. is also providing unbiased rating from the expert and you will find a large number of user reviews direct from the real customer.

Think about the main purpose and uses of the handset. Focus on your requirement and try to match with the specification.

Actual scenarios are not the same for everyone. However, we are sharing the major points and the features you should consider.

  • Brand
  • Processor
  • Ram
  • Storage
  • Camera
  • Build quality
  • Display & resolution
  • Battery
  • Operating system version
  • Speaker
  • Advanced features

Don’t ask the wrong people who can manipulate you and don’t have enough experience in this sector. You may watch more YouTube videos as you can understand the things in better ways.

What is the best time to buy a mobile?

To buy a desired mobile phone within minimum price, you may keep in mind a few things.

Wait for the right momentum and grab the opportunity.

  • Before launching a new model, companies offer huge discounts for stock clearance. Before one month of release, you can buy your desired mobile at the best price.
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just another big opportunity.
  • Mobile companies also offer some discounts in annual festivals.

Though in most cases, it is tough for a person to wait for some days or months. But it can save your money.